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I haven't heard that one. What do you mean by putting the pilot's face in
place of the robot mask? Like a giant mempo? Or is it some digital thing?
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I'm reminded of the parts from G Gundam, where the robot's mask is taken
away, and the face of the pilot is put there instead. Really, it's just a
way to convey the emotion of the pilot without superimposing the face
somewhere. And it feels more human. The way G Gundam feels to me. In this
case, it definitely looks human in a suit. I think it's because of the pose.
(and the semi bored expression)

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>Check it out:
>I'd thought about putting a human's body in snug mobile suit armor for a
>while, so I thought I'd finally do it just to see what it looked like, and
>to celebrate the long-awaited repair of my scanner. Burke, if you'd like
>this for your website, I gladly donate it. It's otaku Duo coming home from
>an anime convention.

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