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I'm suprised nobody's mentioned Tenchi Muyo yet. Some pretty good laughs in
that one, particually the first OAV episode, where Ryoko is chasing Tenchi
around his high school(Tenchi's facial expressions are pretty priceless!)
Episode 4 and 7 are pretty funny episodes as well, particually in 7 when the
girls try to 'learn' to get Tenchi from Shoujo manga....
The Toothpick joke from Episode II of Evangelion....and "Dance like you Want
To Win" is pretty funny too...especially during the fast part where they're
training--Shinji stumbling on the dance pad and Asuka opening the door in
Shinji's face.
 "Castle Of Cagliostro" when Lupin screws up the grappling hook.....
 Any Cowboy Bebop episode involving Ed is pretty hilarious too....

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You can't forget the dialogue between Akito And Yurika at the end of the
first episode :) Man that rocked!!

Yurika: You came to rescue me! You're my prince!
Akito: Listen I just came to give this back to you....
Yurika: Oh akito! You brought it back to me?! YOu love me don't you

Etc etc... I died laughing when I first saw it :)

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>ZeonChar wrote:
>> Other anime:
>> Nadesico: The scene where they go to the island with that crazy blonde
>> on it. And after they leave when they leave the admiral there buried up
>> his head in the sand and the waves washing over him. And the girl comes
>> to him and tells him their going to die together and it's gonna be so
>> romantic.
>or how about in the second episode i believe where Akito is explaining
>to Yurika why he's so pissed off, that if he finds out that she was in
>any way involved wiht his parent's death "i'll.. i'll.. I'll Kill You!"
>and then we have that little scene pop up outta Yuricka's head with her
>and Akito (Akito: I'll kill you.. Yurika: Darling) being the Gundam
>Wing-nut that i am i almost peed myself when i saw that ^_^
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