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Gundam 0080: Anytime that the boys fight with their girl classmate.

Gundam Movie I: I don't know why but when Amuro is in that hospital thing
with his mom and the Zeon soldier comes in is hilarious. The way Amuro
screams just before he shoots that guy, HAR! I rewound that about 10 times
and couldn't stop laughing, I almost wet myself.

Other Anime:

Akira: The whole scene where the gang is in the police station explaining
that they were all on their way to see their sick mother when a gang of
clowns came up, so they had no choice but to defend themselves.

Grave of the fireflies: When the little boy and girl are taking a bath
together at their aunt's house and the boy makes a bubble under the
washcloth and suprises the little girl.

Wings of Honneamise: The part where Shiro first goes to the young woman's
house and Mana (the little girl) is playing with that spider like creature
and Shiro keeps trying to bat it away.

Trigun: The first episode when Vash flashes back to that part where the bar
got shot up and he was about to fire back, but found out he didn't have any
bullets in his gun.

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