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You can't forget the dialogue between Akito And Yurika at the end of the
first episode :) Man that rocked!!

Yurika: You came to rescue me! You're my prince!
Akito: Listen I just came to give this back to you....
Yurika: Oh akito! You brought it back to me?! YOu love me don't you

Etc etc... I died laughing when I first saw it :)

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>ZeonChar wrote:
>> Other anime:
>> Nadesico: The scene where they go to the island with that crazy blonde
>> on it. And after they leave when they leave the admiral there buried up
>> his head in the sand and the waves washing over him. And the girl comes
>> to him and tells him their going to die together and it's gonna be so
>> romantic.
>or how about in the second episode i believe where Akito is explaining
>to Yurika why he's so pissed off, that if he finds out that she was in
>any way involved wiht his parent's death "i'll.. i'll.. I'll Kill You!"
>and then we have that little scene pop up outta Yuricka's head with her
>and Akito (Akito: I'll kill you.. Yurika: Darling) being the Gundam
>Wing-nut that i am i almost peed myself when i saw that ^_^
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