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> > Ok, enough downers. Let's talk about the funniest moments in anime
> (with a focus on series that are mostly serious with moments of humor,
> although things like Fushigi Yuugi and

Bubblegum Crisis 2032 - The last episode, "Scoop Chase", which has Nene
constantly in the hotseat (from her teammates, her coworkers, and
Gundam 0083 - Kou's attempts in episode 8(?) to impress Nina have
already been mentioned, but another favorite of mine is in episode
seven, when he's about to ask Nina out, and the tickets slip in his
pocket so that she can see them. She immediately starts smiling and
focusing all of her attention on the poor boy, and it scares Kou so much
he can't get up the courage to ask her.
Nadesico - This show, of course, has a number of good spots, but I think
my favorite episode so far has been number 5, with the funerals, the zen
trances, and the strike (protesting that the contracts don't allow
fraternization between the sexes...).


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