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<< Personally, I feel the HGUC kits are slightly better than the kits from 08th MS Team, with the exception of Gun Tank and Gun Cannon. I like especially the Zaku III custom and Quebley Mk II. They are great in details and look almost as big as the average 1/100 models.>>

I LOVE the HGUC line. I have built the Hyaku-Shiki and the Quebeley and they both look perfect. BTW, is there any difference between the Quebeley and the Quebeley MK-II besides color?

The Hyaku-Shiki looks great in the shiny gold chrome. It's the only kit that should be painted as such.

I just bought two HGUC Rick Dias and I am really looking forward to building them.

I am also looking forward to getting a Hi-Zack and the Bawoo! I'll also pick up both versions of the Zaku III.

Some of my future hopes for HGUC are the Gaza-C and D and the GM-III.

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