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Personally, I feel the HGUC kits are slightly better than the kits from 08th
MS Team, with the exception of Gun Tank and Gun Cannon. I like especially
the Zaku III custom and Quebley Mk II. They are great in details and look
almost as big as the average 1/100 models.
I didn't heard of any 1/144 RX-79 (G) being released. Do anyone know what
series is it from? Thanks.

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> > I think he meant HGUC kit. Which begs the question: are HGUC kits of
> > quality than HG kits, or just the same?
>They are the same in all. HGUC kits are just HG kits of mecha from the
>Universal Century (duh), but if you think about it... with the technology
>now, they probably could make an updated version of the RX-79 (g). It was
>still an excellent 1/144 kit in itself, I dunno much about hte Zaku it came
>with, because that's the only one I have (excluding the Goufs and etc.)
>~Andy Lee
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