Thu, 10 Aug 2000 19:54:37 EDT

Four's death in Zeta. I loved the looks on Amuro and Char as they look at Camille.

Just about everything in 0080, but I really like the part where Bernie decides to stay, and the images of Al, the Cyclops Team, and Chris; and of course, the music. It's just perfect.

In Char's Counterattack, I like the part where Amuro leaves Chien. You just know its going to be for the last time. The other part I like, and it still sends chills down my spine is when the Nu gundam first arrives to chase of the Neo Zeon attack on the shuttle carrying Hassaway and Quess.

In 0083, when Gato is leading the last survivors of the Delaz fleet in a vain attempt to reach the Axis Advance Fleet, with the Federation fleet standing in the way. The resignation of the Axis fleet that they cannot stay or help. Delaz and the rest decide to die with honor than to live in shame. Talk about going out in a "blaze of glory"

that's my thoughts.

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