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> Ok, enough downers. Let's talk about the funniest moments in anime (with a
focus on series that are mostly serious with moments of humor, although
things like Fushigi Yuugi and Nadesico are applicable). Warning though, some
possible minor spoilers below in a few different series.

In Gundam it has to be anytime Char says, "Oh!" And he says it a lot! Or
mabey the scene when he just got out of the shower and he had a twinkle in
his eye. That was silly.

Other anime:

Has anyone ever seen Ping Pong Club? That show is soooooooo funny! About
everything that happens in there is hilarious!

Nadesico: The scene where they go to the island with that crazy blonde girl
on it. And after they leave when they leave the admiral there buried up to
his head in the sand and the waves washing over him. And the girl comes up
to him and tells him their going to die together and it's gonna be so

I really can't think of anything else specific right now.

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