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>For those of you who've seen Turn A (Burke, Mark?) can someone give me a
>little summary of what goes on for the first dozen episodes or so? I'm
>watching them raw now, and I've got a vague idea of what's going on, but
>there are a few things specifically bothering me.
>Harr, matey, thar be spoilers ahead...
>Right, here we go:
>1. What is the significance of the ceremony that the kids go through?

It's a ceremony a teenager must go through to be considered an adult.

>On a
>related note, what's up with the leaches Loran was sticking on one of the

That was just part of the ceremony, it was never explained why they had to
use them, but as it was shown later, the locations where the holes are
placed on the person's back matches up to the Turn-A's cockpit seat.

>2. Why were the 3 Moonrace people sent to earth? As spies? Why is Loran
>helping the Militia?

They were sent down to gather intelligence and as time went by they decided
to settle down permanently on earth, with Roland's guy friend deciding to
be a baker and the girl deciding to become a journalist. I think they
went down with the impression that they were just advance scouts for the
eventual "homecoming" of the Moonrace people migrating back to earth, and
didn't expect a war to breakout.

>3. Are all beam weapons in Turn A this powerful? From looking at the few
>shots Flat's and the Turn A have fired, they seem significantly stronger
>than anything from UC.

You have to bear in mind that in this retro-tech world, the buildings must
be rather crummy and made of weaker material. Sigh, I miss the good old
school mecha shows, where they show you a glimpse into what the future's
technology might look like (anyone remember the cool automatic vending
machines, Polaroid-takers and public phone on wheels from Macross, or the
wrist phone from MS Gundam?) instead of most of today's retro trend, which
is just a cheap excuse for designers who are too afraid to take a chance and
be proven wrong down the road, or are too lazy to come up with their own

>4. What was the book/datapad thing Loran picked up from the Turn A's
>cockpit? After (Kiel's mother?) died, he was waving it around and typing
>on it, trying to make it do something ... but what?

It's been a while but I think that was supposed to be the manual...


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