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>From: "Richie Ramos" <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] Fan Manga, Steam Punk Gundam?
>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 06:00:03 GMT

>You can use Tesla effects, static electrical discharges, you can use steam
>machineguns, entangling weapons based on pulley sytems, even heat weaponry
>superheated steam or something to that effect.
Yeah, I was thinking along those lines, albeit in the strangest campiest
ways. Steam Train Gundam? Sounds like the latest Neo England entry for the
tournament. But yeah, there's a lot to read into for inspiration, so I
better get cracking.
>May I get your permission to explore this idea as well? I haven't thought
>mixing genres like this. Most probably though, I will hew closer to film
>and art deco sci-fi than steam punk. closer to fedoras and all that. or
>use the Spanish colonial influence of my own country. Damn! I'm getting
>up here.
Sure, I can't claim that doing something like this is purely original
myself. Film noir will be good, but I can't think of a way the Gundams would
come in. (Name's Spade, Gundam Spade. I've been out on the streets, with
fifty-one shots with me, one gin, the rest, vulcan.) Of course I'm sure you
can come up with more ideas than my currently uninspired self, so please, do
something so I can rip you off. :p

And yes, to whom this may concern, my hard disk is on it's last leg, so I
may disappear for a while and a few.

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