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><< For those of you who've seen Turn A (Burke, Mark?) can someone give me a
>little summary of what goes on for the first dozen episodes or so? I'm
>watching them raw now, and I've got a vague idea of what's going on, but
>there are a few things specifically bothering me.

To which Jason replies:

>Go to They have a fairly decent English Synopsis of each
>episode. But they have REALLY slacked off on finishing the last few

The AMO Tokyo site is the only one I know of with English synopses of most
of the Turn A eps (unfortunately, not all, particularly the later episodes,
even though I don't have those yet myself). I'll warn you now: they are
written in Bery Baado Engurishu. They kind of make sense, but they're a
headache to read at times. :)

You're telling me. I proofreaded episodes 5-19. uuggh


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