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Echo|Fox writes,

><< For those of you who've seen Turn A (Burke, Mark?) can someone give me a
>little summary of what goes on for the first dozen episodes or so? I'm
>watching them raw now, and I've got a vague idea of what's going on, but
>there are a few things specifically bothering me.

To which Jason replies:

>Go to www.amotokyo.com. They have a fairly decent English Synopsis of each
>episode. But they have REALLY slacked off on finishing the last few

The AMO Tokyo site is the only one I know of with English synopses of most
of the Turn A eps (unfortunately, not all, particularly the later episodes,
even though I don't have those yet myself). I'll warn you now: they are
written in Bery Baado Engurishu. They kind of make sense, but they're a
headache to read at times. :)

And now I shall leave spoiler space intact for the questions:

>Harr, matey, thar be spoilers ahead...
>Right, here we go:
>1. What is the significance of the ceremony that the kids go through? On a
>related note, what's up with the leaches Loran was sticking on one of the

It's basically a "coming of age" ceremony. As near as I can tell, it's seems
to be for females. Don't know what the leeches are for... a friend of mine
who watched the eps (he doesn't understand much Japanese either) told me he
thought it was the "Application of Leeches Ceremony". :P

>2. Why were the 3 Moonrace people sent to earth? As spies? Why is Loran
>helping the Militia?

They were basically sent as "scouts" to see if Moonrace people could live
among and get along with Earth people, as a precursor to Diana Sorel's
attempt to have her Moonrace people emigrate back to their mother planet.
Although Loran, Keith and Fran seem to fit right into Earth society quite
well, the Diana Counter military "invaders" to follow don't seem quite so...
adaptable. However, more Moonrace civilians later emigrate to Earth after
negotiations to settle in the southeastern part of North America start up
(and fail, and start up again, and fail, etc.), and they're pretty much like
Loran, they just want to get along with their neighbors and live a simple,
peaceful life.

>3. Are all beam weapons in Turn A this powerful? From looking at the few
>shots Flat's and the Turn A have fired, they seem significantly stronger
>than anything from UC.

It would seem so. Even after the White Doll gets a replacement beam rifle
that doesn't blow up (^_^), Loran uses it VERY reluctantly... partly because
beam weapons do seem pretty powerful in the Turn A timeline, and Loran
doesn't like to kill, so he tries to use as much "non-lethal" force as
possible when he's fighting.

>4. What was the book/datapad thing Loran picked up from the Turn A's
>cockpit? After (Kiel's mother?) died, he was waving it around and typing
>on it, trying to make it do something ... but what?

It's a datapad manual for the Turn A, but it also acts as a remote control
unit. Loran can literally operate the Turn A while away from it, as long as
he has the datapad manual with him (and can figure out how to use it). :)

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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