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> Ok, enough downers. Let's talk about the funniest
> moments in anime (with a focus on series that are
> mostly serious with moments of humor, although
> things like Fushigi Yuugi and Nadesico are
> applicable). Warning though, some possible minor
> spoilers below in a few different series.
Sadly, I haven't watched enough Gundam to form an
opinion on my favorite moment either way, but as far
as other stuff goes...

while the sun set majestically behind them when Hikaru
pipes up with, "Hey! I just got a great idea for my
next comic!" To which Izumi responds, "It isn't going
to be another one of those guy-guy things, is it?" It
had me laughing so hard I choked.

was fun, especially Pen-Pen's expression.

Another from BGC 2040 was when Mackie accidentally
wandered into the girls' changing room and Nene was
decidedly not amused, especially after Mackie claimed
he saw nothing, -especially- not her pink underwear.


"Well, two outta three ain't bad."
"It is if you're the third!"
       -Ryoko and Izumi, Martian Successor Nadesico

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