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Another one from a show 'serious' anime fans shy away from(The episode in
particular hasn't aired yet)Dragonball Z
Gohan, Goku's son, is watching his friends get stomped on by Cell
Juniors(mini-versions of the villain). He's powerless to stop because he
doesn't want to fight. Just then, one of his friends-who's been out of the
battle due to disembodiment(He's a robot, all that's left is his head)-says
something like "It's nice that you're kind, but you must fight. Save this
earth that I love". Cell then kills him. A vision of a bird materializes in
Gohan's eyes, much like the swan appearing when Lalah dies.....and then
Gohan explodes with anger. This anger in turn triggers a transformation into
a new level of Super Saiyan....and the next episode, where Goku dies taking
Cell with him, is pretty sad, too.


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>(For those who remember the original Starblaze color compilations of
>Elfquest by Wendy Pini:The third book where Cutter and his elves get
>on and slaughtered by trolls in the snow and they just end the volume and
>make you wait for the next one to be published was almost as bad as my wait
>for giant robo number three...and four...)

For Elfquest sad scenes, the five that come to mind, are as follows:

1) Clearbrook losing One Eye.

2)when Rayek steals the palace and takes it 10,000 years into the future,
kidnapping Leetah, Skywise, Ember and Suntop, while Cutter is outside
running towards it. His expression really brings out his grief, and then the
scenes later when he gives in to this grief (REALLY made clear if you've
read his later challenge with Rayek).

3) Zhantee's death

4) Ember and Tier's joining towards the end of the Hidden Years series after
they fight about who is losing most by her commands, and then his choosing
his powers over her and her tribe.

5) The whole of the Dreamtime, especially Cutter's dream, the final panel,
and Wendy Pini's part of it.


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