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Ok, enough downers. Let's talk about the funniest moments in anime (with a focus on series that are mostly serious with moments of humor, although things like Fushigi Yuugi and Nadesico are applicable). Warning though, some possible minor spoilers below in a few different series.

Hmmmm, in Gundam, I think the funniest scenes I've seen are Kou trying to eat his carrots after Nina makes fun of him (hey, I can sympathize, I hate carrots too, but I'm also not as bad as he is), and in the end credits of 08th MS Team when Shiro realizes he's being taped and throws his book at the camera.

Other series:

Hmmm, virtually any scene with Ed in Cowboy Bebop.

Shiris riding up next to Parn and hitting on him with Deedlit just behind (and getting quite mad) in Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Herioc Knight, everyone making fun of Spark and Neese in the same series.

Megumi trying to seduce Akito in that Virtual simulator in Nadesico ("I'm glad I set it to a little adult".....had me ROTFLMAO).

One I just saw for the first time yesterday. In BGC Tokyo 2040: As Sylia is explaining what's happenned, why she formed the current team and what precisely their suits are, she leans VERY close to Nene and says that the suits require pilots that are "physically compatible" to her (Sylia). Nene rears back and just starts going off on how she's straight and isn't curious in THAT way, although she did think that Sylia and maybe Linna were. At that, Linna turns her head, and says something like "Oh, gee, thanks Nene. Didn't help that Priss looked up and lifted an eyebrow at that, or that Sylia didn't deny a word....

And I'd mention Slayers, Dirty Pair, 801st TTS/The Airbats or Irresponsible Captain Tylor, but as these are supposed to be more comedy than anything else anyways, I dont' think it would be right to include them, as I really want this to be more of funny moments in mostly serious anime.


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