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You know, I'm also going to admit to sad scenes from some anime that at least some others on this list might not admit to watching:

The death of Wizardmon, saving the lives of Gatomon and Karry (sp?).

The end of all three Sailor Moon series (seasons?) I've seen thus far. Season 1: Usagi's friends all die before she can reach Beryl, and she almost breaks down, but then finds the strength to go on, mostly because of Rei, and then she calls on all of their spirits to help her defeat Beryl

Season2: Her and Chibi teaming up to defeat the bad guy (can't remember his name right now), and then later their having to leave each other when Chibi goes back to the future.

Season 3: Usagi transforming despite her lack of power, to help save Saturn, the Soldier of Destruction, and then she emerges holding on to Hotaru as a baby. Ok, this wasn't quite the end, but close enough.

Other scenes in SM: How she keeps losing Mamoru in the first season/series just after they find out who the other truly is and admit their feelings for each other. Neptune's and Uranus's last touches before they go into the trap that almost kills them. Neptune sacrificing herself for Uranus and then Uranus just giving herself up after that so that the Purity Chalice (or whatever it may have been called in the original Japanese) could be created.

What can I say? I do actually see some deep messages in these two series. They don't have any less tragedy to them than Gundam, even if said tragedy doesn't involve the human race as a whole.


On Wed, 09 Aug 2000 13:22:46 -0700 KurenaiJiku <> wrote:
>After watching Gunbuster for the gazillionth time from episode 1 to 6, I
>have to say Gunbuster is by far the most emotional Anime I've watched.
>Thinking about what Gainax did the entire thing to even make it emotional
>is pretty incredible considering it's just a mush of stereotypical Anime
>stuck together; Mazinger Z, Gundam, Godzilla, etc etc...although sometimes
>mellow dramatic, if you just watch without expectations or cultural qualms,
>I think Gunbuster is *THE* most emotional the sci fi catagory
>anyway. Comparing Gunbuster to Gundam, I can't really think of any truly
>emotional instance where Gundam shone in terms of tear jerking or heart
>ripping, or even gut stabbing. The only part which kinda got me has to be
>from CCA where Chien dies. (oh the horror!!!)
>So here's my question...what are you most emotional parts of Gundam if any
>(I remember one part in Macross: DYRL, where Minmei has took a breather in
>the "last song" and the "Breetai" fleet decides to join the UN
>Spacy/Macross to fight Boldolza. That part got me really good. ^^;;)
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