ZeonChar (ZeonChar@Mindspring.com)
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 02:22:21 -0700

> In 0083 when Nina shoots at Kou and lets Gato complete the colony drop I
> a definite surge of emotion although it was a very cold angry emotion. I
> didn't sympathize with her a lot at that point. :)
> I didn't cry when Burning's GM blew up but I did feel kind of lousy.

Yeha, this part defenitely got my emotions going. Although I felt really
happy and quite surprised. I always thought Gato was a helluv a lot cooler
then Kou. And I was really quite satasfied with the way this OAV ended. The
Zeon seemed to accomplish everything they were going for. But can anyone
tell me why Gato re-directed the colony to drop on the north American
granaries? I felt as though I was supposed to get some secret that I didn't.

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