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>I just finished watching Gundam 08th MS Team. Is it just me or is the
>final episode just a big let down? I mean I was expecting something like
>that to happen, but that and then some. I want it to continue! Kiki and
>Mikhail find Shiro and Ayna, and Shiro just smiles...THEN WHAT!!! At least
>let someone say something like "Thanks for not dying." or something!
>The only bad thing about every Gundam series is, it ends. Yep, that is
>Gundam's unavoidable outcome. I always hit a major down when I finish a
>series. Is it just me, or are there other people like this too?

That's not the ending. Episode 11 is the ending. Episode 12 is just a
little, useless epilogue. Just ignore it and you will feel much better.

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