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> Dear List:-
> Other emotional moments of note:-
> When Ataru thought Lum was never coming back (in UY TV episode where she
> him a doll of herself) and went wandering around Tomobiki aimlessly.
> Yatsura)

Yep! And the comic book where Lum goes to the future and finds out that
Ataru ends up with Shinobu was pretty sad. It ends with everyone in the
hallway whispering about how Lum is clinging even closer to Ataru than
ususal and shows a picture of her face looking very empty defeated, sad,
worried, just awful. Ataru doesn't even seem to notice.
That just sort of hit home for some reason.

That episode of Patlabor where the car breaks down and the two heads of
section one and two try to spend the night in a hotel
together(platonicaly...unfortunately for the chief.) was pretty emotional,
if more cute and only slightly sad than anything else...

The part at the end of Laputa when Patsu tells Sheeta to give him her hand
and they'll say the bad charm of destruction together can make me cry a lot.
The way that he's there for her even though it means death and he tries to
give her strength to do what must be done and make her think that he's happy
to be there with her at the end...I mean that was just beatiful.

The death and ressurection of Nausicaa at the hands of the Ohmu was very
touching to me at least.

The death of Ginga and the young Chinese emperor in the "Wind and the
Clouds" was VERY SAD as far as I'm concerned.

> Shin discovering that he couldn't live a normal life any more and decide
to go
> back to Area 88 even though it meant death. (Area 88)

Yeah. I had a lump in my throat over that too.
> Michael


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