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Thu, 10 Aug 2000 06:00:03 GMT

>Hey all, I was thinking of doing a fan art manga, with a steam punk theme.

>(since some people on here seemed to like the idea.)
>Of course, I would firstly need your kind support, and
>comments/suggestions/anything on what to do and how to do it.
>I was thinking of a few questions and things I would like to point out, so

>bear with me.
>First of all, I was thinking of UC vs Alt. Universe. Alternate universe
>would be a good thing, since I won't have to check up on events that
>happened or is currently happening, and besides I'm free to play with
>whatever concepts I can gather to mind.

The idea of steam punk and gundam is very nice...the visuals would be great,
nuts and bolts and whistles and gundams. wow.

>Another thing is technology level. Since the setting won't be ultra
>technologically advanced, I was wondering about some things, such as the
>beam weaponry and such. I was thinking of a variety of possibilities, such

>as steam powered turbines (no duh.), electricity holding cells charged with

>lightning, and a lot of levers and pulleys.

You can use Tesla effects, static electrical discharges, you can use steam driven
machineguns, entangling weapons based on pulley sytems, even heat weaponry usinmg
superheated steam or something to that effect.

May I get your permission to explore this idea as well? I haven't thought about
mixing genres like this. Most probably though, I will hew closer to film noir
and art deco sci-fi than steam punk. closer to fedoras and all that. or perhaps
use the Spanish colonial influence of my own country. Damn! I'm getting hyped
up here.

And well, since gundam is so
>character driven, I was thinking of things as well. (There must be a blond

>man with sunglasses, there must, there must!) Of course, trying to come up

>with something like this won't be easy, but I hope for at least a page per

>day. Tell me how you feel about this, guys, and I'll try to produce a fan

>manga. (And hopefully Sunrise/Sotsu Agency will chance upon it, and hire me.

>Thank you for your time.

and Thank you for jumpstarting my creative juices!

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