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> Ooooohhhhhh, yeah. Gunbuster really got to me. I'll admit, I was crying
at the end of that final episode of Gunbuster. The only other series that
I've seen thus far in anime that got to me that way were Fushigi Yuugi and
Video Girl Ai (both romances) and maybe My Youth in Arcadia and Galaxy
Express 999. All of them had stuff that was virtually heart rending.

The way the Good guys(IPO) seemed to constantly be losing a pointless war of
attrition to "Beega Fiya!" thoughout Giant Robo made me pretty uptight and
sad. The way that Iron OX seemed to die fighting that eveil suit of Samurai
armor and then to find out he failed was devesating. Hearing Daisaku wail
and shriek to Robo and hear it's last "hrumph!" was pretty sad too. The
never-ending cliff hangers took several years off of my life.

(For those who remember the original Starblaze color compilations of
Elfquest by Wendy Pini:The third book where Cutter and his elves get jumped
on and slaughtered by trolls in the snow and they just end the volume and
make you wait for the next one to be published was almost as bad as my wait
for giant robo number three...and four...)

That goofy Bird from Arcadia that kept crying out "Brother Zoll! Brother
Zoll! Come back to us and save Tokarga!" in that pathetic weak sad voice was
a tear jerker as was the part where the young girl dies and with it the hope
of the Tokargan race. The last remaining Tokargans(all male) sadly leave
through the nearest airlock (sans spacesuits) to help ARcadia escape the
Stanly Witch of Space.


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