Thu, 10 Aug 2000 03:05:26 EDT

> > > So here's my question...what are your most emotional
> > parts of Gundam if any
> > > exist?

Gundam: The 1st time Amuro gets in the gundam, every time I watch I get a
marvelous chill. In Movie II the White base leaves Jaburo with Ai Senshi
playing in the background. Lalah's death. Ending.

Z: Camille going into Psychogundam's cockpit, Four's death. Camille summoning
the dead...

CCA: The Newtype Miracle and then Beyond the time playing

F91: Ending, where Seabook looks for Cecily..

V: That girl who got killed when her MS was holding up the bridge...

G: Sai(after reading his father's letter) Vs. Domon, Domon Vs. Master Asia
the last time. the fab five vs. Devil Gundam, Domon+Rain with their Seikai
Lxxx Lxxx Tenkyouken then every one goes home happy, the most satisfying
ending ever in a gundam series for me.

0080: Al watching Bernie's video

Other anime

Nadesico: Akito telling Megumi that he want to be more than just a person
watching Genkigangar. Cheif Engineer's talks on mecha modeling, Ruri(-chan)
returning the place where she was raised. The gang retakes the ship from

Evangelion: the ending where everyone claps for Shinji.

Escaflowne: Allen learns about his father, Van flies to Hitome...

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