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> >So here's my question...what are you most emotional parts of Gundam if
> >exist?
> For me, some of the most emotional moments include the entire ending to
> Four's death in Zeta, The final episode of 0080, Ryu Jose's death in the
> original, as well as the scene a bit later when the WB Crew is honoring
> the soldiers who died in Odessa, and Kika throws the funeral wreath off
> ship...

Ooh Ooh! I forgot about the death of lieuteneant Matilda and he fiance at
Jaburo! That had me a' gulping though that lump in my throat too! They built
that one so much with her being the only help and support White base got,
and she took that picture with Kai(and everybody) and then...wham.

Kai's little traitor friend's death was tragic too, especially when he
celebrates the destruction of the enemy mobile armor and then gradually
realizes that she's not on the plane anymore and when what that must mean
sinks in he just collapses and weeps openly, brokenly in a most un-Kai like
manner...And then he has this hallucinatory/newtype "goodbye I'm glad we
met" moment with her spirit/memory! Yep, I cried like hell at that, and my
girlfriend at the time told me she didn't want to watch any more of this
show cause it's too damned sad. :)

I'm glad I never let her borrow "Graveyard of the FireFlies".


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