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Thu, 10 Aug 2000 06:43:11 GMT

Why, I just answered a question like that a few days ago, but since I
haven't used either of the two you've narrowed it down to, I really can't
say much. Somebody was recommending the Badger I think, and I personally use
the Olympos. I like my airbrush, and I think that the Olympos would be a
good airbrush only if you can afford the time and patience to clean it up.
Nothing much else I can say except umm.. welcome to the list. :p
>From: ·ReŠ·RaveN· <>
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>Subject: [gundam] Airbrush dilemma....
>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 01:19:00 -0700
>Hey everybody,
>I just joined the GML so I don't know if u covered this yet, but here goes.
>I've decided to get an airbrush and I know almost nothing about them (aside
>from the fact I can use them to paint stuff, like my gundams). Well I
>narrowed it down to 2 airbrush sets that look good, the Badger 150 set with
>the XF needle, and the Aztec A470. So the questions are, which of those is
>better to get, is there something better then those 2 out there
>(specifically for model painting) and where is the best place to buy
>airbrushes online?
>Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.
>Also what do you guys thing are then best MG kits?
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