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I was kind of touched when the kids and Amuro were communicating about how
to get clear of A Bao A Ku at the end of Gundam movie three and they were
playing that song that goes "Yes my sweet! Yes my sweetness! I wanna get
back where you were...."

Y'know the newtype scene where LaLa's Elmeth knocks Char's Gelgoog out of
the path of Amuro's death strike(Amuro about had him too!) and takes a hit
from his beam sabre and they have this twenty second psychic communication
with water swallowing her up and her saying that he had come along too late
for them to be happy with each other. And then she explodes and he says "I
can't ever take back what I've done! I've killed La La!" That sad song they
play there and in most fo the LaLa footage really makes me tear up sort of
like the Titanic theme did a while after I saw that movie. But that's a
really obvious choice.

The part in Char's counter attack where the Neo Zeon's and Lond Bell
remnants BOTH start trying to help Amuro push the asteroid back out of
re-entry is pretty touching too and he's yelling at them to stop because
they'll just be killed. Char starts to sound ashamed of what he's done.
Mirai watches the asteroid swing into a near miss orbit and Chen's piece of
psycho frame resonates. Amuro starts talking to LaLa. That was pretty heavy.
I was sniffly there.

Lots of bits of 0080 got me almost crying, especially when Christine asks Al
if he could say goodbye to Bernie for her and he gives her this look of
absolute anguish.

In 0083 when Nina shoots at Kou and lets Gato complete the colony drop I got
a definite surge of emotion although it was a very cold angry emotion. I
didn't sympathize with her a lot at that point. :)
I didn't cry when Burning's GM blew up but I did feel kind of lousy.

I was a little emotional when Hiro detonated Wing Gundam for the first time
to save the colony from missle attack by Lady An. The way he hit the ground
looking dead made me feel for the brainwashed litte goober.


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