Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 9 Aug 2000 23:31:49 -0700

>A little G Gundam humor, since it's so rarely discussed on the list, and I
>just finished watching the DVD (again). Highly reccomended addition to your
>DVD collection, boatloads of extra's (a whole other DVD of extra's in fact),
>and it's such a damned cool movie.

"That was an excellent movie, SIR." ;)

>G U N D A M F I G H T R U L E S
>The first rule of the Gundam Fight is you do not talk about the Gundam
>The second rule of the Gundam Fight is you do _not_ talk about the Gundam
>The third rule of the Gundam fight: someone yells oro, locks up, taps out,
>the fight is over.
>The fourth rule, only two Gundams to a fight.
>The fifth rule, one fight at a time.
>The sixth rule, no funnels, no removable armor.
>Seventh rule, fights will go on as long as they have to.
>And the eight and final rule, if this is your first night at the Gundam
>fight, you will fight.

you have to fight.

Here's more for good measure:

"The first rule of Project V is you do not talk about Project V."


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