Joseph Riggs (
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 22:08:32 -0700

Soimichiro Watanabe wrote:

> >From FFVII: Aerith's death. nuff said.

Oddly enough, this particular scene didn't get to me (it might have
something to do with the fact that I played it through on the PC and
watched all of the video sequences before I reached them in the game -
its still a favorite scene of mine, though). What DID affect me a little
from this game was at the very end, after all of the fighting is over
(game froze the first time I reached the final fight scene, btw - I was
TICKED), and Cloud is standing there after having watched Sephiroth die.
A hole appears in the air above him, and as Aeris' theme is played, you
see her hand reaching down toward him.
Dunno why, but that affected me more than anything else in the game.


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