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> Dear List:-
> > So here's my question...what are your most emotional
> parts of Gundam if any
> > exist?

The Zeong and Rx-78's last battle. When all that was left
of Char was his mech and Amuro lacked an arm and limb.
Flashy, heroic, sad.

Seeing Quatro's empty cockpit at the end of Zeta.

Kamiyu and Fa after the end of ZZ, they looked so happy I
could cry.

In V-Gundam, a female character always dies every other
episode... then you get insensitive about it.

Hilde was pretty desperate then.

G-gundam: when all the other gundam pilots join Dumon to
fight the Devil gundam at the very end of the series.

other stuff...

Enishi "kills" Kaoru...

...and how he ended up afterwards. Also his return to save
Yahiko. and the passing on of the Sakabatou (damn, the RK
manga was very emotional).

Rei's cockpit after being shot by Ramiel. Kaworu's speech
was very saddening too...

Fushigi Yuugi: any part near the end when the lead
characters start dying one after the other.

Macross Movie: Hikaru's final trench run with Minmei
singing in the background.

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