Wed, 9 Aug 2000 22:56:21 EDT

This was posted to rec.arts.anime.models today. The first 3 we knew about.
The last three is a nice surprise. Since there's a MSiA Zeta, the Mk. II
would almost be a given for MSiA treatment. Wouldn't a G-Defencer for it be
nice as well?

"Got this off another discussion group, evidently confirmed by NEWTYPE

- RGM-79 GM & RB-79 Ball double pack (1,200; late August)
- MSN-02 Zeong (1,980; late September)
- MA-08 Big Zam (5,800; October)
- RX-178 Gundam mk.II (A.E.U.G. colors) (1,200; November)
- RX-178 Gundam mk.II (Titans colors) (1,200; November)
- MS-14A Gelgoog (mass-production type) (1,000; December).

And there ya have it.


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