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Hi, all. I'm new here, so let's hope I get this right
the first time.

--- Roland Thigpen <> wrote:
> >Joseph Riggs wrote:
> >>
> >> As far as other shows go, I think one of the
> times I felt the worst was
> >> probably the end of episode three of Martian
> Successor Nadesico. When I saw
> >> the end of that episode, I just sat there stunned
> for a few seconds, and then I
> >> felt really, really, down.
> Frankly, I was expecting it. Don't know why....maybe
> seen that kind of thing in too many other animes?

Granted, while I haven't seen what is technically a
lot of anime (in that I keep to normally what are a
few main series, though that changes almost daily at a
frightening pace), I have to agree that at the end of
Nadesico episode three, I felt the same. I really
wasn't expecting it either. Because I held some minor
hope it wouldn't turn out like I thought it would, the
beginning of episode four (for which I had to wait a
while to see) made me feel worse. Don't think I
smiled or cracked a joke the rest of the day.


"Well, two outta three ain't bad."
"It is if you're the third!"
       -Ryoko and Izumi, Martian Successor Nadesico

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