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I was referring to how it hit me emotionally. From what I've seen of Nadesico
(about a dozen episodes, so far), the writers will typically have their nice
off-beat, quirky story with parody elements and other fun stuff, and then every
few episodes, they'll hit you in the gut just to remind you that war really is
hell. The first time this happened, and definitely the time with the most
impact, was at the end of episode 3.

KurenaiJiku wrote:

> Was it bad in terms of just disappointment of the ending or just emotional
> struck intentionally by the show? ^^;;
> >KurenaiJiku wrote:
> >
> >> So here's my question...what are you most emotional parts of Gundam if any
> >> exist?
> >>
> >> (I remember one part in Macross: DYRL, where Minmei has took a breather in
> >> the "last song" and the "Breetai" fleet decides to join the UN
> >> Spacy/Macross to fight Boldolza. That part got me really good. ^^;;)
> >>
> >
> >The last episode of 0080 is easily the most emotional part of Gundam I've
> ever
> >seen.
> >As far as other shows go, I think one of the times I felt the worst was
> >probably the end of episode three of Martian Successor Nadesico. When I saw
> >the end of that episode, I just sat there stunned for a few seconds, and
> then I
> >felt really, really, down.
> >
> >junior

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