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This is not meant to be a flame and I don't mean to make myself sound like an
@sshole, but GotF has always been a touchy subject with me!

> To me it felt like the kids starved to death because of
> >their own fault, they were proud and spoiled, so they pay for their
> >foolishness with their life.
> Kids is kids the world over. Besides, can you name the two countries that
> the US is best friends with now? I'll give you some hints, one starts with
> "Ger" and "ends" in many and the other gave us Gundams...

I'll have to disagree with this, not all kids are spoiled and stupid. At times
of war and famine, the smarter kids who are capable of using their wits have a
better chance to live. Take Christian Bale's character in Empire of the Sun
(another work of fiction set in WW2) for instance, he started off annoying and
spoiled, but learned to adapt and live smartly as a captive, thus he survived.
2 kids in GotF were annoying, whiney, spoiled, and stupid (okay, it's mainly
the brother) from beginning to the end, thus, they died.

Actually I'd put Mexico (with NAFTA), Israel (has always been close allies) and
England above Germany and Japan in terms of political allegiance.

U.S. may appear to be the solid allies with Germany and Japan now, that doesn't
mean we won't be at war with each other in the future. U.S. has been shown to
be willing to use military power to insure things are in their "best interest"
(witness the willingness to participate gulf war when oil in concerned while
nothing was done in the Rwandan massacres, etc.). Should situations in the
future occur where U.S. can have political/economic gains by waging wars against
these 2 countries, I don't doubt we will hesitate to start them once they come
up with the propoganda to make us sound like we are the "good guys". Much like
Hitler claiming that he was doing the world a favour for exterminating Jews...
but I digress.

All those points are moot however because it's irrelevant. I don't know why you
are pointing out the current political/economic alliance between US and those
countries, as if it makes my argument any less valid. My dislike of "Grave of
the Fireflies" has to do with the fact that (1) Japan was the aggressor in WW2;
(2) commited numerous crimes of unspeakable cruelty that are documented and yet
they still adamantly deny; (3) the main characters in GotF were unlikeable and
had flaws which led directly to their own demise.

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