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Isn't that the whole point of being a kid? Well not the dying part, but
thinking the "wrong" way? I remember when I was a kid, I was pretty naive
and arrogant...you make major mistakes, but when you grow up you learn from
them. I think it's all being part of "not knowing"...aka "innocence".

It's just that in the "Fireflies" sense, war swallows those who are weak
without attention to the innocent. It destroys without consciousness. I
think Grave of the Fireflies was to show the innocence of children, but the
consequence of that innocence...perhaps an analogy to humanity and nuclear
weaponary? "Not knowing what power or destructive capabilities it holds,
but we choose to neglect it anyways till we are all dead?"



>To me it felt like the kids starved to death because of
>>their own fault, they were proud and spoiled, so they pay for their
>>with their life.
>Kids is kids the world over. Besides, can you name the two countries that
>the US is best friends with now? I'll give you some hints, one starts with
>"Ger" and "ends" in many and the other gave us Gundams...
>No Pants
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