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>Ooooohhhhhh, yeah. Gunbuster really got to me. I'll admit, I was crying at
the end of that final episode of Gunbuster. The only other series that I've
seen thus far in anime that got to me that way were Fushigi Yuugi and Video
Girl Ai (both romances) and maybe My Youth in Arcadia and Galaxy Express
999. All of them had stuff that was virtually heart rending.

YEAH!! I tried calculating the "12000" year mark they had in the final
episode under the amount of information I gathered from their "quantam
physics" theories they had. No matter how I tried I could not get to 12000
years...like...they would be starving for months just to get 12000 years!!!

But I did some more thinking about how much humanity would be evolved after
12000 years...or the possiblity that humanity could be dead...wouldn't it
be even MORE sad that Noriko and "Big Sister" are the only ones left!!! T_T

Gainax really knows how to pull my heart...

>As for Gundam, I think the most emotional points in Gundam had to be the
death of Lalah Sun in the original, the death of Four in Zeta (this one got
me the most. I REALLY felt for Camille) and maybe Seabook's search for
Cecily in F91. Chien's death was also kind of emotional. I haven't seen
enough of the other series (read none of the other UC timeline except most
of 08th MS Team ) to really say anything about them.

Oooo...I remember the ending of F91...I think the part where got to me in
that scene (Seabrook and Cecily) was where they started to hug and then the
scene quickly changes to the Gundam F91, them two are hugging and the space
pod in the background...then the text appears... "This is only the
beginning"...and then Eternal Wind really picks up and the Crossbone
Vanguard flies off into the distance with their beam flag held. Oooo...the
coolness of it!! =)

>And in Macross DYRL?, the scene that most got to me was when Misa broke
down in front of Hikaru at the dinner table in that destroyed city.

Another good part...but not as good as the ending of Gunbuster...somehow it
just doesn't stick to me...maybe 'cause I've seen DYRL more than
Gunbuster...desensitized... =P


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