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Wed, 09 Aug 2000 15:45:18 -0700

>There is that part in Gundam 08th MS were Eledore calls MSgt. Joshua his
>goddess, that is pretty good, but then he goes for the goods, which kinda
>ruins the moment.

I watched a bit of 08th MS Team...although a bit of the substance in it was
Gundam-y, the majority of it seemed more stereotypical Anime-ish quirks
"people in mecha suits"...it didn't seem believable...and more like a
cartoon. Could be because of the art style.

>Then there are parts in 0080 that are emotional. Just after Bernie bites it
>and Al watches the video that Bernie left him. That whole thing was like a
>big emotional lesson for Al I think, becuase Chris (bernie's Killer) is the
>Gundam's pilot.

AWWWW YEAH! I remember that part...I remember watching 0080 when I was wee
child...that got me really good. *sniff*

>I think that Gundam deals mostly with the emotional trip of war. If you want
>a good emotional anime movie watch Grave of the Fireflies.

Actually I did. Although a very sad movie, it didn't get me as emotional
as say Totoro or Mononoke Hime. Yes...Totoro...those bug eyed little fur
balls...god they are damn cute.


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