Wed, 9 Aug 2000 18:44:29 EDT

<< I was going to ask everyone what the deal was with Heero's glowing head
 Quatre absorbs or something (I don't remember) after Heero falls out of a
 suit and is knocked unconscious, after a short vision of Relena. I don't
 know the episode number or anything else about it, except that they were in
 a ship and Heero was fighting Quatre with a stolen suit or something. I'm
 sorry about my sparse memory. Maybe I've had too much, too much. . .
 lemonade. >>

    To clarify for him...he's asking what the yellow glow on Heero is when he
falls out of Wing Zero in the moon base. It is after Trowa has been lost and
Quatre and Heero are captured by OZ(or the Treize Faction...can't remember).
Heero is being tested inside the Wing Zero and he goes nuts. Quatre opposes
him with the Mercurius and Heero ends up falling from Zero's cockpit after
seeing a vision of Relena. He is covered in this yellow glow which is
transfered to Quatre when he approaches Heero and touches him.
    Damned if I know what the glow is...I just thought a clarification of the
scene might help someone else answer the question.


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