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Dear List:-

> So here's my question...what are you most emotional parts of Gundam if any
> exist?

Has to be when Bernie got killed at the end of 0080 and Al couldn't stop the
meaningless battle... right till the part he watches the video Bernie left
him. What a downer!

Death of Ranba Ral's wife in her suicide mission. I actually felt worse for
her than the death of the Fat dude!

> (I remember one part in Macross: DYRL, where Minmei has took a breather in
> the "last song" and the "Breetai" fleet decides to join the UN
> Spacy/Macross to fight Boldolza. That part got me really good. ^^;;)

Other emotional moments of note:-

When Ataru thought Lum was never coming back (in UY TV episode where she left
him a doll of herself) and went wandering around Tomobiki aimlessly. (Urusei

Mitaka trying his darnedest to seduce Kyoko but let her go the second she
started crying. He then mused to himself what a big loser he is. (Maisson

Kyoko thinking to herself how warm she felt as Godai tried his best to protect
him from the pushing crowd in a train after they had a big fight (she thought
he slept with the girl in Cha-cha-maru). (Maisson Ikkoku)

When Godai hugged Kyoko in the motel when she finally decided to let him f*ck
her, he thought to himself that it wasn't a dream... I find it really sad for
some reason. (Maisson Ikkoku)

Fokker's death scene... playing the guitar and making small talk with Claudia
while dying. (Macross)

Claudia finding Misa drunk and crying while singing a Minmay song in a bar.

Shin discovering that he couldn't live a normal life any more and decide to go
back to Area 88 even though it meant death. (Area 88)

Kenshin killing his future wife's husband, we had no idea who he was at that
time. (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin killing his wife accidentally. (Rurouni Kenshin)

Tenchi's mother saying that she loved Tenchi and saying that she is sorry that
she won't be there when he needed her the most. (Tenchi movie)

P.S. I wasn't moved by the Grave of the Fireflies at all, the kids were too
stupid and stubborn (especially the boy!). It's also hard to sympathize with
them when my own country has been the victim of much worse atrocities that has
been inflicted by the Japanese in WW2 (who has yet to apologize and make amends
like the German did!). To me it felt like the kids starved to death because of
their own fault, they were proud and spoiled, so they pay for their foolishness
with their life.


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