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I was going to ask everyone what the deal was with Heero's glowing head that
Quatre absorbs or something (I don't remember) after Heero falls out of a
suit and is knocked unconscious, after a short vision of Relena. I don't
know the episode number or anything else about it, except that they were in
a ship and Heero was fighting Quatre with a stolen suit or something. I'm
sorry about my sparse memory. Maybe I've had too much, too much. . .
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Okay, I know not everybody likes GW, but something came to my attention.
When Quatre returns to the Magnuac core(Episode 8, I believe) he says that
"The soul of outer space" guides him.
He later states in the final episode that Heero is "The soul of outer
space". Going back a bit, when Heero self-destructs his Gundam and knocks
himself into a coma(Episode 10)Quatre appears to have some kind of heart
attack. Now, is Quatre psychic or something, perhaps connected some way
telepathically to Heero, or maybe to all the Gundam pilots somehow? Could
Quatre have some kind of Newtypeish powers? Just a thought...please, please,
no Yaoi replies!


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