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Pretty cool. Reminds me of the Crossbone Gundam!

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Right. I have come up with something, but it doesn't look the least steam
punk to say the least. Well, umm.. That's why it's a breakthrough, yeah. To
stop the ceaseless wars that plague the world. Have a look at it, give
comments, point and laugh (I did it while I was falling asleep, that's why
the lower bit was lousily drawn.) name it if you can, help me think of
things, that kind of thing.
Oh, here.
On reflection, it looks more like some strange mix of everything stuck onto
one mecha. I think I shall call it Gundam Junkpile. Or the Junkpile Gundam.
> > I have seen both, but I was trying for a Gundam feel. I would say that
> > are very interesting takes on the whole robot genre, but they both look
> > organic. Maybe I just have a mental block, but I'll have to go shopping
> > ideas. But thanks for mentioning Dunbine, since I've had an idea put
>into my
> > head. Maybe I'll have initial mecha and character designs up soon.
>Possible sources of inspiration are the Musha Gundam (MS redone as samurai
>armor) and Knight Gundam (MS redone as Teutonic knights) lines. Both are,
>more often seen as SD than in the "real" mode, but you can get a taste of
>latter just by looking at the MS-15 Gyann.
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