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Wed, 09 Aug 2000 13:22:46 -0700

After watching Gunbuster for the gazillionth time from episode 1 to 6, I
have to say Gunbuster is by far the most emotional Anime I've watched.
Thinking about what Gainax did the entire thing to even make it emotional
is pretty incredible considering it's just a mush of stereotypical Anime
stuck together; Mazinger Z, Gundam, Godzilla, etc etc...although sometimes
mellow dramatic, if you just watch without expectations or cultural qualms,
I think Gunbuster is *THE* most emotional story...in the sci fi catagory
anyway. Comparing Gunbuster to Gundam, I can't really think of any truly
emotional instance where Gundam shone in terms of tear jerking or heart
ripping, or even gut stabbing. The only part which kinda got me has to be
from CCA where Chien dies. (oh the horror!!!)

So here's my question...what are you most emotional parts of Gundam if any

(I remember one part in Macross: DYRL, where Minmei has took a breather in
the "last song" and the "Breetai" fleet decides to join the UN
Spacy/Macross to fight Boldolza. That part got me really good. ^^;;)

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