Josh CTC (
Wed, 09 Aug 2000 16:27:53 GMT

Hey all, I was thinking of doing a fan art manga, with a steam punk theme.
(since some people on here seemed to like the idea.)
Of course, I would firstly need your kind support, and
comments/suggestions/anything on what to do and how to do it.
I was thinking of a few questions and things I would like to point out, so
bear with me.
First of all, I was thinking of UC vs Alt. Universe. Alternate universe
would be a good thing, since I won't have to check up on events that
happened or is currently happening, and besides I'm free to play with
whatever concepts I can gather to mind.
Another thing is technology level. Since the setting won't be ultra
technologically advanced, I was wondering about some things, such as the
beam weaponry and such. I was thinking of a variety of possibilities, such
as steam powered turbines (no duh.), electricity holding cells charged with
lightning, and a lot of levers and pulleys. And well, since gundam is so
character driven, I was thinking of things as well. (There must be a blond
man with sunglasses, there must, there must!) Of course, trying to come up
with something like this won't be easy, but I hope for at least a page per
day. Tell me how you feel about this, guys, and I'll try to produce a fan
manga. (And hopefully Sunrise/Sotsu Agency will chance upon it, and hire me.
Thank you for your time.

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