Dom Tetreault (
Wed, 9 Aug 2000 10:45:14 -0400

Oh, yeah, see what happens when I detach myself from Gundam for the better
part of a year? Bandai goes and releases all sorts of cool GMs. S'a good
thing my GF is going to be employed again, I have a lot of kits to catch up
on. *grumble* First up: HG GM Sniper. Ohhh, GM Sniper... *wipes away drool*

Hi to everyone I used to know - how many of yez are still here? All of you?
=) Sorry about my abrubpt departure. I got canned from Juno (too helpful; I
kept emailing people fixes) and got kinda depressed and bummed around for a
bit. And I kinda swore off using Juno services (until they bought out
Freewwweb, the bastards). I hope nothing bad happened, like the list getting
flooded with bounced messages. =\ I'm really sorry if that happened.

Tragedy: My bashed Ground Type Hardygun got crushed when I moved! Arghhhh!
Triumph: I finally got G Generation Zero. =) (Stuck on Stage 11, mind.)

Ah well, see you all 'round, I have to go install Win98 for someone. Bleh.

- dom

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