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Big Clown Sign: Welcome to Circus Burger sir! May I take your order?

Treize Kushrinada: War is absolute beauty. It is pure conflict as only true
humanity can ever..blah blah blah.....

Big Clown Sign: (Interupting) Ummm. Would you like to try our new Chicken
and Southern fried egg,Bacon-melt combo?

Treize: Only then when true warriors gaze into each other's eyes can they
truly know each other! Only then has the decision come into it's own
inevitable symmetry!

Big Clown Sign: If you need another minute to make up your mind just talk
into the nose when you are ready! BTW if you are looking for that new Hiro
kid he works in the Circus Burger across town. I just mention it because
sometimes he makes odd rambling speeches about nothing too. I decided to
transfer over here because he said he was gonna destroy me.

Treize: ...Blah...and my poor lady An..Driven to schitzoid psychosis by the
terible unsolveable mystery of warlike human nature..Blah blah


Big Clown Sign: Zzzzzzzzz!!! Snort Snoort! Snaaahhhzzzz...
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Treize: So you can see that we have no alternative! Mankind must be taught
that there is no glory in death! No victory in meaningless combat! And yet
it is only in combat that we can discover that combat is meaningless and
thus combat DOES have a meaning!....You see! THAT is my purpose. Anyway I'm
leaving this new maroon Gundam I built out in the parking lot. Use it
wisely. And watch out for the Zero system...It makes you do crazy things.
Yes, even crazier than teling everybody that you are going to kill them. I
mean why tell them? Don't you think it ruins the surprise? Uh....By the way
is it too late to order breakfast?

Big Clown Sign: Zzzzzz....Z.......ZZZZZZZZZZZ.


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