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> Also , am I just crazy, but I want to see the return of HG 1/100 kits!
> I would rather pay half price just to get a decent sculpt of the
> character and joint details, then pay for the internals which I never
> show anyway. I feel some of the proportions and posabitly are sacrificed
> for internals(notably the midsection of th eGelgoog! its way more
> posable without the armor!). Dont get me wrong I love that for the PGs,
> but I think bandai should reconsider the HG line for the lesser known or
> unique designs. I love to see a 1/100 HG of the Bawoo(bigger version of
> the upcoming 1/144),. Psycho Gundam2 1/100(why not, It could be the
> quality of the and size of the 1/60 G or WingZero, and Id be happy!).
> They should consider making 1/60s of the tallgeese, epyon and
> deathscythe. With computer technologies, it wouldnt be hard for them to
> "scale up" the current kits . I wouldnt mind paying 60 or 80 bucks for
> just a sized up 1/100 to 1/60 retool of the NU. It was a pretty good
> sculpt to begin with and would look great towering over the other PGS!!
> I think Bandai made a mistake giving the Sazabi the "MG' treatment. I
> would have rather seen a them just keep the decent external sculpt, and
> skip the internals of it, and just charge 40 - 50 bucks, and have a
> smaller box! I say bandai should go back to basics, and release more
> larger HGs , make 1/100s of there current HGUcs, and release less MGs
> and PGs. It hink it would be better and more profitable for them to do
> this. The larger scale kits just look nicer, and the simplicity and good
> sculpts of the 1/144 would carry over quite well(Id love a 1/100 HG
> type100 and zaku3!!).

Also keep in mind that the internal parts of the mobile suit serve as the
joints as well. It makes the "larger" scale kit more sturdy. I have a HG
1/100 Serpent Custom, and it's the flimsiest thing I've ever seen. The
articulation sucks too. And I believe the MG and PG treatment will always
make the kit look nicer. Sure, I'd like to have a couple cheap large kits,
but would it really make that much of a difference anyways? I mean, most MGs
range from 20~40 bucks anyways. (Forget the Sazabi and SC versions)...
whatever, it's a lost cause. Though I don't like the internals myself, it
does serve for a purpose.

~Andy Lee

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