Burke Rukes (god_of_gundams@hotmail.com)
Tue, 08 Aug 2000 18:04:47 CDT

Chris Maier writes,

>Is it just me or does Inspector Acht(From Gundam Wing) look a LOT like Toht
>from Raiders Of The Lost Ark?

Hey, you're right! Good eye! Ah yes, I can see it now...

Inspector Acht (to Zechs and Noin): Tell mee vere you are heidink zat Gundam
mobeel zuit! Vee haff veys of mekking you TOK!
Zechs: I spit on your grave! I won't say anything!
Inspector Acht (to his OZ troops): Shoot zem. Shoot zem both.

Hey, a new entry for the "Famous Lines We'll Never Hear in Gundam" category!
I amaze even myself. :P

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