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Tue, 08 Aug 2000 15:18:15 +0100

Im going to go on my soapbox for a bit... Ive just been assembling some
of my MG kits, the NT-1 and the Gelgoog... I really wish they made the
Jaeger version of the gelgoog! its probably been harped on before , but
Im going to reiterate it!! What were they thinking about doing the old
one! Give me some Jaeger! Looks like Ill be figuring out how to cut
plastic for this one. My other gripe. The NT-1.. Was this katoki's
version? If so they really did not capture the subtlies and proportions
of Izubuchis design! I really can tell they kit bashed this with the GM
and previous gundam kits...I find the lines on this kit are way too
SHARP. The NT-1 should have a resemblence to the NU, since they were
designed around the same time and by the same designers(I think). Looks
like Im ging to have to file and sand.. I m still waitng for my sazabi,
but it looks from photos to be a little too angular in some places..
Looks like Ill be putting that one too.. Can any of you master modelers
on the page give a good tutorial or limk to show proper "bodywork"
techiques"?? I would really like to learn how to fix the problems in
these kits!

Also , am I just crazy, but I want to see the return of HG 1/100 kits!
I would rather pay half price just to get a decent sculpt of the
character and joint details, then pay for the internals which I never
show anyway. I feel some of the proportions and posabitly are sacrificed
for internals(notably the midsection of th eGelgoog! its way more
posable without the armor!). Dont get me wrong I love that for the PGs,
but I think bandai should reconsider the HG line for the lesser known or
unique designs. I love to see a 1/100 HG of the Bawoo(bigger version of
the upcoming 1/144),. Psycho Gundam2 1/100(why not, It could be the
quality of the and size of the 1/60 G or WingZero, and Id be happy!).
They should consider making 1/60s of the tallgeese, epyon and
deathscythe. With computer technologies, it wouldnt be hard for them to
"scale up" the current kits . I wouldnt mind paying 60 or 80 bucks for
just a sized up 1/100 to 1/60 retool of the NU. It was a pretty good
sculpt to begin with and would look great towering over the other PGS!!
I think Bandai made a mistake giving the Sazabi the "MG' treatment. I
would have rather seen a them just keep the decent external sculpt, and
skip the internals of it, and just charge 40 - 50 bucks, and have a
smaller box! I say bandai should go back to basics, and release more
larger HGs , make 1/100s of there current HGUcs, and release less MGs
and PGs. It hink it would be better and more profitable for them to do
this. The larger scale kits just look nicer, and the simplicity and good
sculpts of the 1/144 would carry over quite well(Id love a 1/100 HG
type100 and zaku3!!).

Id love to hear your views...

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