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Tue, 08 Aug 2000 12:04:11 -0700

Les sez,

> i have a theory on the storage of MS on the hull verses inside the
> battleships.. it probably wouldn't be that difficult to convert cargo
> and hanger space for to hold mobile suits for trnsport purposes, but
> unlike purpose-built carriers like whitebase they wouldn't have any
> rapid-deply systems (i.e. catapults) so just before approaching the
> battle line they kick all the Balls and GMs out of the holds and have
> them arrainge themselves on the hull so they'll be ready for combat..

  Make prefect sense to me. They're shipped to the battlefield in glorified
milk crates (i.e. Columbus transports), then ride up to the front lines
guarded by the gun turrets of the Federation's battleships.

-- Mark

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