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That was great dude, thanks!
Gus Jae
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> Gus writes,
> >Hey Burke,
> >How about a review on the building of the Sazabi?
> Umm... I don't normally do model reviews, so what can I say? It's big.
> It's red. It's overpriced, but I happily paid every penny of that 8000
> plus shipping. I never bother to paint or detail my models, since I just
> don't have the time. I always put'em together right out the box and
> stick'em on the shelf. In terms of construction, it's a pretty nice kit,
> not too difficult to build at all. I only have a few minor complaints:
> of my funnels didn't want to work right (I could open it fine, but when I
> tried to close it up, the insides with the beam gun and thrusters kept
> trying to fall out of the body), one of the backpack propellant tanks pops
> out of its polycap socket WAY too easily, and the 2 halves of the beam
> shotrifle don't snap together as snug as I usually expect. Beyond that,
> easy to build and looks really good on the shelf. Time to start saving up
> for the next good MG...
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