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Joaquin Torres wrote:
> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > Actually, the animation made it look like they were carried either inside,
> > or strapped to the hull of, regular cruisers and battleships. (The TV series
> > indicated that the ships had been refitted to carry mobile suits internally;
> > in the movies, they stood on the hull.)
> >
> > After the movies were made, it was belatedly decided that most of these
> > mobile suits were actually carried in modified Columbus-class transport
> > ships. However, the only thing we see the Columbus used for in the actual
> > animation is storing Solar System panels. :-)
> I'll probably assume a combination of the two theories for my fanfic.
i have a theory on the storage of MS on the hull verses inside the
battleships.. it probably wouldn't be that difficult to convert cargo
and hanger space for to hold mobile suits for trnsport purposes, but
unlike purpose-built carriers like whitebase they wouldn't have any
rapid-deply systems (i.e. catapults) so just before approaching the
battle line they kick all the Balls and GMs out of the holds and have
them arrainge themselves on the hull so they'll be ready for combat..
just a thought


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